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May 16 2023

Tips for First-time Home Buyers: Choosing the Right Property with Marutham Group

Choosing the right location for your house is essential as not only increases the value of your investment but also has numerous advantages in your daily life. Property in Chennai

is known for its rapid development and abundance of well-paid job opportunities and has become a highly sought-after residential destination. With some of the best housing projects in Chennai, house for sale in Chennai offers a promising lifestyle. However, it is important to consider certain key factors while selecting a location for your house. Let’s explore those factors in detail.

Set Your Budget

Search for the appropriate budget for your new home. Consider current property rates, additional charges, and financial requirements that may impact the overall cost. Strive to find a budget that allows you to afford the amenities you desire without compromising your lifestyle.

Choose Your Location

Carefully select a suitable location for your property. Keep in mind that the location significantly affects the cost of the house. Factors to consider include proximity to your workplace, budget constraints, and other important considerations. Once you’ve decided on a location, proceed to find a reputable real estate agent.

Real Estate Agent

Choose a trustworthy real estate agent who can assist you in finding properties within your preferred location and budget. Ensure that the agent has a good market reputation to avoid potential fraud or financial loss.

If you don’t plan to move in immediately, research rental rates in the chosen locality. This will help you estimate potential earnings if you decide to rent out the property. If the rental rates prove sufficient compared to the property’s costs, it can be a favourable factor in your purchase decision.

Evaluate the property’s potential resale value if you intend to invest. Study property rate trends and assess the development prospects of the area. If the potential returns align with your investment goals, it may be a suitable property.

Negotiate with the seller to secure the property at an appropriate price. Be mindful of hidden charges and carefully review the agreement and clauses before signing any documents to avoid future complications.

Marutham Group, a renowned builders in Chennai, presents Marutham Royal Gardens, located in Tambaram in south Chennai. This thoughtfully-planned tower offers luxurious and well-designed homes amidst a sprawling natural landscape, with easy access to the city. Marutham Royal Gardens boasts the most exquisite house for sale in Chennai, providing comfortable living with top-notch amenities and convenient connectivity to the best resources in the city.

With a grand central entrance, Marutham Group has constructed these homes with the utmost elegance, making it the epitome of luxury and comfort. The demand for property in Chennai has been on the rise, especially in this location due to its excellent connectivity to various resources. This has led to an increased demand for houses for sale in Chennai, and Marutham Royal Gardens caters to this demand by offering the best flats with access to nature and a quick commute to the office.


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